Welcome to Increateable

Hi There! πŸ‘‹

My name is Patrick McCrann and I've been a creator and online community builder since 2007. Β 

My main focus has been building a membership community of endurance athletes. An online space for athletes to connect, train and race together. Endurance Nation is an incredible community, and many of my lessons learned have evolved out of my leadership experience there.

Fast forward to today and I spend 20% of my time helping new creators and community builders start smarter. Β Topics range from strategy development to digital infrastructure choices to time management habits and beyond.

I will cover many of these topics in a regular newsletter / posts to the Increateable site. The name is a mashup of Incredibe and Create – what you are doing as you build is putting part of yourself out there in the world. You are changing how others think, act, work and play. This is incredible work you are creating...and I want to help you do it better.

More from me soon...for now, thanks for reading.

~ Patrick