👋 Hey there! I help build and scale successful paid communities.

I'm Patrick McCrann. Since 2007, my portfolio of community businesses has paid the bills, keeping me remote and safe from any "real" job.

In 2019, I started a small agency to help scale my community consulting work.
And I've never looked back.

Today my work encompasses all things community.

  • Education via my weekly newsletter.
  • Coaching emerging community leaders in 1:1 monthly sessions.
  • Creator partnerships like Greg Isenberg to build paid memberships.
  • Strategy+Support Retainer to advise community brands on growth & scale.
  • Remote Staffing Agency for community projects looking to simplify.
  • Evangelist+Investor for emerging community start ups.
  • Current Experiment: Pop-Up Communities 🎉
  • Contact me to get started.

Clients Include

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~ Patrick