Day 24 of 30: The Anti-Support Ticket Strategy

Day 24 of 30: The Anti-Support Ticket Strategy

Products without support don't survive.

The most common solution? A FAQ page or help channel. 

These generally work, but there's a better way: a support community. A platform for real-time inquiries and dialogue. 

This approach may seem demanding, but it offers value to both parties: 

👉 customers get real human interaction, not just automated replies or static information.

👉 you get contextual feedback on the product, and the ability to see trends. 

Build Relationships and Product

A dialogue-based help channel is a game-changer. In the early stages of a business, it's more than just support—it's about building a culture of human connection and service. 

This approach sets your product / agency apart as it grows.

Direct conversations with users can reveal valuable insights, shaping a better product for an engaged fanbase.

The Messiness of Direct Interaction

Yes, this method can get messy. But it's in this messiness that you find real engagement and understanding. 

Direct interaction with users provides a depth of insight that static pages, NPS surveys, or App Store reviews can't match.

This is the start of a relationship, where you can turn power users into power promoters of what you are making.

The Final Word: Crafting Products That Resonate

We all dream of building digital products and experiences that transform the experience of our users. 

The reality is even our best efforts are only the first step. 

It's through this interaction and a positive feedback loop with your early and most ardent customers that you will create a pathway towards innovation and growth.

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