Mission: Scale


Unlock your full potential and scale efficiently… without the overwhelm of going it alone.

Position yourself for success with a customized roadmap for your project.

Join a small community of focused builders taking daily action.

Let's connect to see if you'll be a good fit.

How It Works: Your Journey to Success

1️⃣ Book a 30-minute Introductory Call

Let’s find out if we can work together. I’ll only accept clients if we’re both confident with the results.

2️⃣ Assessment & Discovery Session

I combine industry research and trends with a 90-minute assessment call. This is where you define your priorities, and your path forward begins to emerge.

3️⃣ Let Me Cook

I analyze your competencies and opportunities using the Four Pillars. You’ll get my notes (and some questions!) along the way as I build out your roadmap. This is a detailed and transparent process that usually takes five business days.

4️⃣ Your Customized Scale Path Roadmap

This roadmap serves as your strategic guide, outlining the steps and milestones along your path to scale. In addition, you’ll get an overview video. Full speed ahead! 

5️⃣ Build Alongside Your Peers

With a customized roadmap in hand, you can get to work. You have three months to work within the community, getting and giving support as needed. Our goal is to help you reach that next level within the three months so you can graduate.

Who I Am

I am the owner of Endurance Nation and have worked with start ups like Circle.so and Team Mercury to build community and scale customer growth.

I have consulted with a wide-range of enterprises, including: PreHype, W3ART, Thrivent Financial, MBS.works, BariNation, Inclusive Diabetes Care.

I bring 20 years of growth experience to the table, combined with the relentless mindset of an endurance athlete.

Understanding The Four Pillars of Scaled Success

The Scale Roadmap

Progress is connecting many small steps in the right direction. After the initial assessment, you’ll have a tailored 12-week roadmap. This is initiated with an upfront assessment to map out your work strategically for the next quarter, laying the foundation for focused and effective action.

Bias Towards Action

Fear is the opportunity killer. There are a million different reasons why not to do something; but all of them lead to the same result - nothing gets done. Weekly action steps -- connected across your Scale Roadmap -- prevent you from hitting eject just when the journey is getting good. 

The Solopreneur Bottleneck

The biggest problem in any small business is the person who started the business. Starting and Scaling are two very different skill sets. Recognizing your limitations will allow you to find solutions and double down on your strengths. Radical candor is at the heart of this work. 

Power of Delegation

Learn the art of effective delegation to build a supportive team, balancing your involvement and empowering others for sustainable growth. We provide you with processes and relationships to help you confidently take these steps, ensuring a smooth transition and effective team management.