Day 23 of 30: The Power of Delighting Members

Day 23 of 30: The Power of Delighting Members

Delighting your members (or audience) is more than a nice gesture—it's a powerful tool. 

Every interaction, be it a note, a message, or a gift, can revolutionize your relationship with them. 

Time is scarce, and how we use it shows our true priorities. Let's explore how delighting others helps establish enduring priorities.

Time and Priorities 

We often hear "I'm too busy." But this busyness is a paradox. It's not about being genuinely busy; it's about priorities. 

When you prioritize delighting your audience, you're choosing to value them. This choice creates a reshuffling hierarchy of values within your space.

Delight moves you to the top of the list. 

Postive Vibes --> Postive Actions

A small gesture can have a big impact. 

Whether it's a personal note, a direct message, or a thoughtful gift, these acts of kindness can change the dynamics of a relationship. 

Pay It Forward (or pass it on) can become a real thing...but you have to go first.  You'll likely have to do this several times to get some traction!

The Value of Surprise

There's magic in getting something you don't expect. Making mini magic happen in your community creates positive connections and has a legitimate effect on getting people to return and connect for the short term. 

Connect enough of these short terms and you've got great engagement.   

The Final Word: Lasting Impact through Thoughtful Actions

In conclusion, the practice of delighting your customers or members is a testament to your values and priorities. It's not just about the immediate joy, it's about building relationships that small act at a time.

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