Day 12 of 30: Intro to Freemium Communities [1/3]

Day 12 of 30: Intro to Freemium Communities [1/3]

Are you looking to build a strong, engaged community around a specific topic or activity? Look no further than the concept of a freemium community.

In this three-part series, I want to delve into what exactly a freemium community is and why it's such a powerful concept. 

A freemium community is a space where like-minded individuals come together to take action on a specific topic. 

It's not just a general audience, but a group of people united by a common interest and a desire to learn, do, or make something happen.

Not golfers; golfers looking to play in the @PGA.

Not knitters; knitters who want to open an @Etsy store.

Not students; students who want to be involved in politics some day.

The beauty of a freemium community is that there is no cost to join or participate, but the value lies in the network effects of being together. It's about creating an off-ramp for people who self-select into a particular genre or activity. 

Why go freemium? It's the perfect opportunity for builders who don't know exactly what they want to do yet to make strong moves in a particular audience.

Your passion and interest need to be there, as it will still be some work. But you can throw out all your excuses. 

By bringing people together and providing value, you can build critical brand loyalty and learn from their behavior.

The pressure on the creator or leader of a freemium community is low because there is no financial transaction involved. It's about delivering value and building relationships, without the constant pressure to monetize.

So, if you're looking to build a community around your passion or expertise, consider starting with a freemium community. 

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