An Update from Web3-landia

An Update from Web3-landia

This is the first article in a series that will cover my lessons learned from making the leap to Web3 communities. I hope you find it useful. All comments and feedback are welcome via Twitter @pmcrann -- it would be great to connect with you.

Over the past several months I have been immersing myself in the world of Web3.

It's been a rollercoaster journey of learning, crypto, relationship building, and frustration.

Despite the early challenges and hiccups, I am convinced it’s the future and I hope you’ll join me.

Playing video games today is the training for the work of tomorrow.

Did You Just Say Frustration?

Yes, I did. New things are really hard at first.

Good news is that overcoming your personal confusion and resistance is literally a skill.  You just have to want to work on it.

The best way to change something isn’t to complain about it, it’s to get involved!

Action Step: Set your Web2 expectations aside and do your best to experience Web3 as a stand-alone entity.

Great is right...again!

Jump In, The Water’s Fine!

Here’s a quick list of some new things I’ve done over the past few months.

I’ve had to learn new speeds of communication and new mediums. Discord, Telegram, and all the tokens.

I’ve had to become comfortable talking with nicknamed Twitter profiles that have cartoon profile pictures. Yes, Blind Mule Leader 522, I agree!

I have learned new slang and new ways to start (and end) conversations. gm and gn to you ser!

I have learned that the internet truly never sleeps (sorry NYC). What is a timezone, really?

I have learned that the rabbit hole always goes deeper - especially for the curious.  So much to learn!

Action Step: Even if you can’t invest in an NFT or crypto, you can find projects and join their Discord. Tune into the community and get involved. My projects have opportunities for “holders” and “fans” to both be involved.

Crypto is…Funding My Education

I am a hands-on learner, so picking things up to work on them is in my second nature.

Turns out this is the way to go, as Web3 is all about getting involved and doing vs talking / reading / learning.

I view the money I have spent and the extra time found to be the cost of my Web3 “degree.”

  • I’m not buying jpegs, I’m learning how to set up an use a digital wallet.
  • I’m not wasting time in discords, I’m sharing and acquiring knowledge.
  • I am not leading, I am working collaboratively with my peers.
  • I’m not just buying random jpegs, I’m choosing communities of like-minded people where my goals and interests are aligned with theirs.

Many Action Steps:

  1. Set up a Coinbase account and buy some ETH.
  2. Get a MetaMask Wallet and transfer the funds to that address (save those security keys and never let anyone else into your wallet).
  3. Head to Twitter to search for NFT + your area of interest.  Basketball NFT for example.
  4. Click through to the profile, find their Discord link, and join* the community (you’ll need your own Discord account!).
  5. When you find one you like and want to join, then purchase that NFT!

Why Do All of This Work?

You are future-proofing yourself. For work, for socials, for finances…it’s all interconnected in the Web3. world. That’s not always a good thing, but it is what’s coming.

Information will live on the blockchain. Instead of jpegs, it will be a completely verifiable ledger of record that will contain the proof of attribution, money, work, and even network effects.

You will understand this and be able to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Bonus that you’ll be in on the ground floor of this new environment.

You can forge new relationships and connections that will become a long-term advantage. You'll build experience you can leverage to create and sustain the change you want to make.

We’re ready for you to join. Heck, we need people like you to get involved.

LFG  (kinda like "Let’s do this!")