The Agency

The bulk of my practice is 1:1 work with senior and emerging leaders as thought partner and systems thinker. I help leaders who are transitioning into new roles or aimimg to create transformative change in their existing environment.

My approach is grounded in action and personal accountability and well-suited for current and former athletes. The goal is to help refine and strengthen your thought processes, moving you to deliberate and effective action.

The working arrangement is usually ongoing email/slack interactions with a 1:1 video session lasting 1-3 hours every four or six weeks. The cadence of our meetings depends on the pace of your work and our progress together.

There is usually no output product beyond the summary email notes I send after every call.

At the request of clients, I will often prepare and deliver private workshops for an additional fee.

My approach is best suited for leaders in medium-to-large organizations seeking personal growth, and the most productive relationships take at least a year to develop.  Occasionally I will work with a start-up or nonprofit leader depending on the situation.

Clients usually find me through my writing or via a referral. You can follow my writing on Increateable and my narrative on Twitter @pmccrann.    

Contact me for more details at patrick[at] increateable [dot] io.  

To deepen your understanding of leadership and personal accountability, consider exploring the following resources: