Memes are Momentum

Your online success – personal and professional – revolves around momentum.

Memes are Momentum

Your online success – personal and professional – revolves around momentum.

You can create it (hard) or you can hop on the train (not hard).

"If I build it they will come." is the worst mindset ever. The internet is full of things that no one has (or will) ever find.

Enter memes – combine existing momentum with your spiky point of view for maximum engineered serendipity.

@Wes_Kao nailed it with this article.

Put More Play in Your Work

Memes are fun. They are funny. They are memetic – an idea virus.

Just like the common cold evolves from season to season, so too can the same meaning. The same image, the same phrase can change meaning subtly over time. Sometimes rapidly. Sometimes over years.

Memes are a great way to confront a tough topic, or to explore an obvious truth.

If your work is fun, you'll like it more. So make it more fun.

Why Play the Meme Game?

On every platform and in every group, especially within specific industries, there's a distinct type of momentum. It's towards (or away) from basic trends, news, or commonly held beliefs.

Memes are a means of channeling this momentum.

The meme space, therefore, is a sandbox for learning how to capture and direct attention.

The better you get a playing with memes and attention in the sandbox, the better you'll get at doing the same at scale - when it matters most - to the things you are working on.

Memes -> Book -> Authority

Jason Levin (@iamjasonlevin) is the case study for this.

In his own words:

I'm a content writer and social media manager for startups and venture capital firms based out of NYC. I tweeted my way to Silicon Valley and I'm never leaving.

From a hunch to hustling to a new book Memes Make Millions, Jason has built a verified presence in the game of attention.

And you can too.

How to Play the Meme Game

1️⃣ Step one of the meme game is to just play.

You have to get in there, you have to mess around, you have to have fun. If you're not making memes, you're not learning the game.

2️⃣ Here are some places you can get content.

  • IMGFlip- for image
Meme Templates - Imgflip
Blank meme templates for the most popular and latest memes. Over 1 million templates, updated continously.

3️⃣ Repeat step one. See what hits, what doesn't, and what value memes bring to your work.

Level Two = Leveraging Memes

Combine your content with a meme. You can attach an image, or embed the reference.

Memes are the signal that brings the eyes to what you are really doing.

The key is to find memes where you work and live. As you engage and understand their appeal, you can start creating your own.

This process is a valuable lesson in content creation and online engagement.

Observing and participating in meme culture teaches us how to make our regular content more engaging and effective.

The Final Word

The lessons learned from memes can be applied to your broader online engagement strategy.

Memes teach us about timing, relevance, audience preferences, and the art of capturing attention.

By mastering these elements, we can enhance our overall online presence and community-building efforts.

Memes Maketh Momentum