Handpicking Your Dream Team (Community)

Here’s a thought: what if your project was more of a mission. If your goal were to solve a problem, or win a game, you would pick a team. Who needs to be on that team to be successful? These are your A players.

Handpicking Your Dream Team (Community)

Alright, folks, let’s dive into something off the beaten path for your audience ambitions.

Something that just might flip the way you’ve been thinking about building your community or launching that project you’ve been noodling on.

99% of us just do our thing, hoping the right crowd stumbles upon what we’re making. Scrolling through the channels at night, clicking through radio stations, refreshing twitter waiting to be inspired. To be motivated.

It's time for some high agency vibes to change the trajectory of what you are building.

Joining the 1% Club: It’s All About Choosing, Not Just Finding

Imagine if, instead of sitting back and waiting for the magic to happen, you got out there and actively chose the rockstars for your team.

It’s not about casting a wide net and seeing who swims in; it’s about being the captain of your ship, scouting for the best of the best to join your crew.

Who is on that list? Do you even have a list?

What would you say to recruit them?

Why would they have to be a part of what you are making?

Rethinking Your Space: More Than Just a Hangout

Here’s a thought: what if your project was more of a mission.

If your goal were to solve a problem, or win a game, you would pick a team.

Who needs to be on that team to be successful? These are your A players.

This is a framing shift – it's not about being found, it's about recruiting the right people.

Instead of just collecting people, you're connecting them to get something done. Something that only gets done HERE with THIS GROUP.

The train, my friends, is in the station. And YOU have a ticket.

Picking Your Squad: The How-To

So, how do we jump from the vast majority into that elite circle that gets to pick rather than be picked? It boils down to a few key moves:

  1. Nail Down What You’re About: Be super clear about the mission of your project. What’s the big goal? This clarity is like a beacon for those who vibe with what you’re aiming for.
  2. Spot the Stars: Figure out what kind of skills, passion, and energy match your mission. This helps you spot potential community members who can bring something special to the table.
  3. Make the First Move: Don’t just wait around. Whether it’s through direct messages, special invites, or creating experiences that draw in the right crowd, be the one to reach out.
  4. Empower The People: Once they’re in, make your space one where everyone feels pumped to contribute, lead, and grow. It’s about making each person feel like they’re exactly where they need to be.

Your Actions as a Sorting Methodology

Think about it. Before you even hit send on that invite or craft that welcome message, the way you roll day-to-day is already sending out signals.

At work, do you bring the energy and see the real problems to solve?

At home, are you the connector, already bringing people together?

This isn’t just about being proactive but being a beacon for those who vibe with doing, not just dreaming.

As you plot out the path to curate your ideal community, remember that your everyday actions are quietly drawing in the crowd you want to build with.

It’s less about the best landing page and more about walking the walk. Let your actions do the talking, and watch as the right players naturally gravitate towards what you’re creating.

Using a "Build Teams" Mindset

This whole strategy is a chance for you to reinvent how you work. How you network. How you think about results and success.

And the best part? It's also how you build an incredible community.

It's time for leaders (like you?) to step up, define our spaces, and create environments that are not just about being there but about doing something together.

You’re the Architect

So, let’s not just wait around to be chosen. Let’s be the choosers, building our communities with purpose, passion, and a whole lot of intention.

Here’s to crafting spaces that connect the right people to do incredible things together.