Don't Just Fix Problems, Solve Them for Good

One of the most overlooked secrets to substantial growth lies in eliminating unforced errors and mistakes.

Don't Just Fix Problems, Solve Them for Good

Most people are on a constant quest for the new: acquiring fresh skills, landing new customers, and seeking ways to shine brighter. Yet, one of the most overlooked secrets to substantial growth lies in eliminating unforced errors and mistakes.

This method, which I like to call "Solving For," focuses on capturing lessons learned and creating systems that prevent future troubles. It's a strategy not just about facing challenges but outsmarting them before they even arise.

Reaction Time is Your Enemy

Many early-stage builders face the issue of being caught in a relentless cycle of reacting to problems. This is a time of high energy and excitement, yet it yields a low long-term return on investment. The constant firefighting leaves little room for reflection and learning. The traditional process of conducting detailed post-mortems to capture these lessons is time-consuming, and by the time it's done, the next fire has already started.

Instead of getting bogged down in this cycle, try to focus on implementing quick, effective solutions that prevent these issues from recurring. By improving your processes strategically, you can move rapidly to eliminate potential problems, ensuring that your growth is not just about expansion but about strengthening your foundation.

Here's how you can start making this shift and pave the way for smoother, more sustainable growth.

Retain with an Annual Plan

Action Step: Start by sketching out an annual plan for your community. This plan should include key milestones, events, and any initiatives aimed at keeping members engaged throughout the year.

For example, if taxes are a concern, schedule financial planning workshops well before tax season to prepare your members.

Engage with a Stellar Onboarding Experience

Action Step: Design an onboarding process that makes every new member feel welcome and valued. This could include a welcome package, a personal introduction to the community, and a guide to all the resources and events available.

Make sure it’s personalized; it shows you care and helps new members feel immediately connected.

Connect with One-on-One Introductions

Action Step: Facilitate connections within your community by setting up one-on-one meetings between members. Use what you know about their interests and needs to create meaningful matches.

This not only strengthens the network within your community but also adds a layer of personal investment for each member.

Participate with a Weekly Calendar of Events

Action Step: Keep your community active and engaged by having a consistent schedule of events. This could range from workshops and guest speaker sessions to casual meetups.

Regular events give members something to look forward to and reasons to engage regularly, keeping the community vibrant.

Create a Community Vibe with Excellent Introductions

Action Step: Make a great first impression on new members with thoughtful, engaging introductions. Highlight their skills, interests, or achievements to the rest of the community in a newsletter, on your community platform, or during a community meeting.

This not only celebrates the new member but also encourages existing members to reach out and connect.