Day 6 of 30: Specifics Matter When You Launch Your Community

Day 6 of 30: Specifics Matter When You Launch Your Community

When you're trying to attract new members, it's crucial to make promises that you can actually deliver on, without overwhelming people or making unrealistic claims.

One common mistake that community builders make is focusing too much on the end goal, without considering the practical steps that members will need to take to get there. 

It's important to provide specific, actionable guidance and support, rather than just vague promises of success.  People don't need inspiration -- they need tactics.

For example, when you look at the FIRE community on Reddit, you see how specific tactics and strategies are what really draw people in and keep them engaged. And there are many different spinoffs of the same "vibe." 

One destination, many ways to get there.

The more specific and niche you can be about the value your community provides, the better off you'll be.

Inside @teamEN, we stand out by offering unique training and race execution guidance that sets us apart from other coaching companies. By focusing on specific, practical value, we're able to avoid getting caught in the "red ocean" of competition and instead create our own "blue ocean" of opportunity.

So when you're building a community, remember to focus on the specific, tangible value that you can offer to your members. 

It's not about making grandiose claims, but about providing real, actionable steps that people can take on their way to achieving their goals.

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