Day 4 of 30: Value Alignment at Sign Up

Day 4 of 30: Value Alignment at Sign Up

Getting people to sign up for your online community can be a real challenge, whether it's a paid or free community. 

One way to make it easier is to ensure that they are getting value from the moment they join. This could be in the form of a resource, email course, or something similar. It's important to reward them for taking the leap and joining your community. 

Note: the reward should align with the value your community offers and the user's expectations.

Just like a well-executed handshake can set the tone for a positive first meeting, providing the right level of value upon a user's entry into your community can significantly impact their ongoing interaction. 

If you over-provide value by overwhelming users with too much information, it can lead to confusion and frustration. On the other hand, if you don't meet their expectations, it can result in disappointment and disengagement.

To ensure you get this value "just right" consider these key principles:

Immediate Gratification: Deliver the reward promptly to satisfy immediate needs and create a positive impression. Don't add extra hoops to jump through.

Unique Learning: If your community is focused on learning, offer something unique for users to learn from, setting your community apart. What would surprise or delight them?

Skill Improvement: In communities centered around activities or hobbies, focus on helping users get better at that activity, enhancing their skills. What's a secret unlock, for example?

Alignment with Future Value: Ensure that the initial online rewards align with what will happen later on in the community, creating a cohesive and rewarding experience.  If you're educating here...then an educational reward. If you're connecting...then a "here's someone you should meet" note, etc. 

Finding the right value isn't hard, but it requires the right dose of empathy and strategy!

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