Day 27 of 30: The Community Vision Exercise You Need

Day 27 of 30:  The Community Vision Exercise You Need

Community is more than a gathering of people. It's a vibrant, living organism, brimming with potential. 

If you treat your community like a classroom, a course, or a status symbol, that's all it will ever be. 

It's time to level up your community, to mold it into something far greater than just its individual parts.

The Vision Approach

How do you transform your community into something extraordinary? It starts with a shift in perspective. Your community is not static; it's dynamic, constantly evolving. 

Your challenge? To unlock this potential and foster a thriving, interactive environment.

Here's how you can do it...

1️⃣ Set Goals

Encourage your community members to update their goals for the year. What are their aspirations? 

Capture these ambitions, whether online or offline, and bring them back to the community. Ideas gain strength when shared and discussed.

2️⃣ Promote the Ideas

Spread the ideas of your members. Highlight innovative concepts, celebrate bold visions. 

Consider creating a 'Top 10' list. This is about igniting collaborative energy and connecting different thoughts within your community.

3️⃣ Craft a Shared Vision

Share the beginning of your community vision for the next year and ask your members to complete it. 

This process, though simple, is not common. Stand out, be authentic, be bold. 

If your community isn't moving forward, it risks falling behind.

The Final Word

Make this the year you grow your community into something truly extraordinary. It's about taking action, being proactive, and leading by example. 

Are you ready to transform your community into a dynamic and engaging space?

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