Day 25 of 30: Navigating Community Building: A Hero's Journey

Day 25 of 30: Navigating Community Building: A Hero's Journey

Early stage community builders face the challenge of creating value for their members. This is complicated by the altered perspective that comes with the “Builder’s role" -- used to be a doer, now you're a builder. This shift can lead to a loss of focus on what truly resonates with the members of your community.

The solution lies in adopting the concept of "The Hero's Journey."  

This framework involves narrating the community building process as a story, where the community members are the heroes embarking on a transformative adventure. 

This approach really works -- we all know it. We've read the stories, seen the movies, crafted our own narratives. Use this experience to create engaging and meaningful experiences for your members.

Step 1: Identifying the Hero

Action: Record and narrate stories about successful community members, focusing on their origins, attributes, challenges, and uniqueness.

Example: Kedrick, struggling with public speaking, finds solace and growth in a supportive online community.

Step 2: Crafting the Adventure

Action: Design a compelling journey for the Hero, integrating their reasons for joining and the unique experiences the community offers.

Example: Kedrick engages in themed monthly classes, acquiring skills and earning recognition in a supportive environment.

Step 3: Facing the Crisis

Action: Create a sustainable engagement model through challenges and events that require members to actively participate and grow.

Example: Kedrick faces a new challenge by preparing for a speaking opportunity at a community conference, pushing him to further develop his skills.

The Final Word

Building a community is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process of growth and iteration. 

By treating community members as heroes in their own stories, you can foster an environment of continuous learning and mutual support. 

This strategy enriches the individual's journey but also strengthens the community as a whole, leading to a vibrant, dynamic, and sustainable ecosystem.

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