Day 21 of 30: Minimum Viable Audience: A Key to Product Success

Day 21 of 30: Minimum Viable Audience: A Key to Product Success

In the rush to develop products, it’s easy to overlook a crucial element—the audience.  Builders assume what the audience needs based on their experience or what they already know about the audience. 

This is insufficient.

The concept of the minimum viable audience (MVA) flips this script. 

It puts the audience first, acknowledging that a product's success hinges on meeting their needs and struggles.

What is Minimum Viable Audience?

Minimum viable audience is about focusing on a small, specific group early in product development. 

This group's feedback shapes your product, ensuring it hits the mark. 

Think of the MVA your product's test pilots, guiding its journey from concept to reality.

1️⃣ Determining Your MVA

Identifying your MVA is critical. It's about finding the few who can give the most meaningful feedback. Early on, this might be just five people. 

As your product grows, this number can expand to fifty. The goal is to build a community that contributes regularly and meaningfully.

To start, you have to find a place where people are talking and join in as an equal. Over time you'll build trust and connections that allow you to start an MVA.

2️⃣ Engage with Your MVA

Once you have your MVA, engage them deeply. Their feedback is gold. It's not just about listening to them. It's about creating a dialogue, sharing insights, and building connections. 

Give them access. Get on the phone. Integrate the feedback. 

These interactions are vital in making your audience feel part of the product's journey.

3️⃣ Why MVA Matters

Your MVA does more than test your product. They connect with it on a deeper level. This connection is what sets your product apart in their minds. It's about creating a product that resonates with them, not just one that exists.

This audience will help your product spread through word of mouth. Their feedback will validate your idea to others. 

The MVA is your "warm start" to launch and grow. 

The Final Word: Audience First for Product Success

The minimum viable audience approach is a game-changer in product development. It shifts focus from the product to the people it's meant for. 

By aligning your product with the needs and feedback of your audience using an MVA, you're not just building a product. 

You're creating something that has a lasting impact and connection with its users. 

Products people love > Ordinary products.

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