Day 20 of 30: Turning Ideas into Action: A Practical Guide for Communities

Day 20 of 30: Turning Ideas into Action: A Practical Guide for Communities

99% of online communities are stuck in "Idea Mode." Words, thoughts, typing...transmitted via devices...from indoor spaces...alone. 

This is the definition of inaction. 

Online communities have evolved to become marketplaces for ideas. But too often, they're just that—places for ideas, not action. 

It's crucial to remember: ideas are just the starting point. Real value comes from doing, from taking those ideas and turning them into action.  

If results are what you are after for your members, then action has to be part of what you are building!

Here's how you can shift the focus.

1️⃣ Act on Ideas, Create Change

As a community leader, you know talk is cheap. Actions speak louder. Encourage your members to act on their ideas. 

Show them how small steps can lead to big changes...this can be through examples or structurally through challenges.  

Mantra: Every great journey starts with a single step.

2️⃣ Consistency is Key

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It's about consistent action over time. Create an environment where sharing and refining ideas into action is the norm.

What rituals can you put in place to sustain this type of work?  

The goal here is to make it easy for your members to give and receive feedback on what they have done. 

Mantra: What is the minimum effective dose?

3️⃣ Share Progress, Celebrate Milestones

Got a success story? Share it. 

Hit a wall? Got stuck? Share that too. 

Your community needs to see that action leads to results...even if that result is just learning.

Create places where proof of work can be shown and celebrated. It's all about improving together.

Mantra: Show and Tell

🎯 Your Role: A Catalyst for Change

Your job is to ignite action and keep the fire burning. Ask the right questions. 

Challenge your members to think and act. 

Be there to guide, but let them lead their actions.

The Final Word

Action creates outcomes, outcomes create experience, experiences create change.

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