Day 16 of 30: Community Doesn't Sell

Day 16 of 30: Community Doesn't Sell

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is the idea of selling a community as a product. 

People don't wake up with a desire to buy into a community. What they're really after is value — information, expertise, access — tangible benefits that enrich their professional or personal lives.

The key to building a thriving community isn't to commodify it, but to anchor it with value for a specific audience. 

Not mentors for teens in tech. Mentors for teens building AI-powered EDtech.

When a community is centered around a clear topic or expertise, it naturally attracts the right kind of engagement. 

The right focus brings the right people. 

The members who join are those who seek exactly what the community has to offer. They're there not for the vague notion of 'community' but for the specific insights, connections, and resources it provides. The right people show up, the right conversations happen, and a vibrant, focused community comes to life.

Here's how you can do this effectively:

1️⃣ First, provide immediate value at sign-up. This could be a course, exclusive access to resources, or a unique tool — something that members can use right away.

2️⃣ Host open Q&A sessions. These sessions are invaluable. They're not just about answering individual queries but about creating a shared learning environment where everyone benefits simply by being present.

3️⃣ Celebrate members and forge connections. A community is only as strong as the bonds between its members. Highlighting individual members, their achievements, or their contributions fosters a sense of belonging and encourages deeper engagement.

The Final Word

A successful community isn't a commodity to be sold.  It's a space of shared value, where each member finds something relevant and beneficial.

Your focus should be on creating environments rich in content, expertise, and accessible opportunities, where the community naturally grows from the value it provides.

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