Day 13 of 30: Cultivation and Top of Funnel Optimization in Freemium Communities [#2 of 3]

Day 13 of 30: Cultivation and Top of Funnel Optimization in Freemium Communities [#2 of 3]

The real power of cultivating a freemium community is using it as a lead generation tool. 

Top-of-funnel optimization is key, and it all starts with delivering value to your users and encouraging them to take action together.

The goal is not to find the one perfect activity. The goal is to experiment with a variety of initiatives to see what resonates.

1️⃣ Build relationships using rituals. 

Think same bat time, same bat channel. Staying tuned in -- and being consistent -- will help you to create a sense of connection and collaboration that keeps members engaged.

2️⃣ Uncover the hidden incentives that drive participation and cooperation. Whether it's through contests, rewards, or recognition, offering tangible micro benefits for engagement can significantly boost activity within a freemium community.

You can use this time to learn what makes your audience "tick."

By leveraging these activities as a catalyst to attract new members, you can effectively optimize your funnel and create a more compelling vision for external users.

3️⃣ Create a space where action and engagement are rewarded (if not just recognized), and where members feel motivated to contribute and participate. This enhances the overall community experience and attracts new members who are drawn to the energy within the group.

All of this, of course, with an eye towards being sustainable. After all, the freemium can’t be the only part of what you are building that is successful!

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