Day 10 of 30: The Critical Art of Setting Boundaries in Community Building

Day 10 of 30: The Critical Art of Setting Boundaries in Community Building

One of the most challenging and important things you will do is determine what will not happen inside your community.

Our digital lives are often overshadowed by the negative aspects of the world around us. This is evident in our news feeds and the content that grabs our instinctual attention.

Curating a Positive Space

As you curate your community, a pivotal moment arises: deciding what doesn't belong. This decision shapes the essence of your community. While certain things, like hateful speech, are obviously excluded, other aspects may not be as clear-cut.

Remember, people are drawn to your community because they seek an alternative to the negative dynamics they already encounter online, where criticism and harsh judgment abound.

Establishing Community Norms

To guide your community in a positive direction, create a concise list of community norms. This list should contain three to five key points outlining what behaviors are not acceptable. These norms serve as a framework for the kind of interactions and discourse you wish to foster.

Timely Implementation and Feedback

Implement these guidelines the first 30 days. Early members should understand and contribute to these norms, providing feedback to refine them. This ensures everyone is aligned and understands the community's ethos.

The Living Energy of Your Community

Over time, these guidelines will become a part of your community's living energy, defining those who join and those who decide to remain. 

By setting these boundaries, you're not just establishing rules; you're cultivating a culture that encourages positive interaction and discourages negativity.

The Final Word

The decisions you make about what doesn't happen in your community are as important as the activities and interactions you encourage. 

These choices shape the future of your community, influencing who joins, who stays, and the overall atmosphere of your space. 

By thoughtfully curating and setting clear boundaries, you're creating a community that not only thrives and grows. 

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