Creating vs. Curating: The Art of Inverting the 80/20 Rule for Sustainable Success

Creating vs. Curating: The Art of Inverting the 80/20 Rule for Sustainable Success
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In the fast-paced world of online content and creativity, it's easy to fall into the trap of constantly chasing new ideas and neglecting what we've already accomplished.

We see others perpetually churning out new projects and feel the pressure to do the same, fearing that we might miss out on opportunities.

But what if there's a better way to find success?

In this article, I'll outline the power of inverting the 80/20 rule – spending 20% of our time on creation and dedicating a whopping 80% to curating and nurturing our existing work. By striking this balance, you can craft a sustainable and effective workflow that fosters growth and fulfillment.

We All Have the Same Social Media Problem.

Social media, with its hustle culture and social media frenzy, often entices us to focus solely on creating new content while neglecting the work we've already produced.

The pressure to showcase fresh ideas at every turn can lead us to start numerous projects without ever completing any. Moreover, failing to curate what we've made diminishes our chances of finding genuine success.

The secret to lasting achievement lies not only in generating ideas but also in refining and sharing them with others.

To escape this cycle, we must embrace a balance between creation and curation.

Striking the Balance

Creating new content is exhilarating, but it's equally crucial to devote ample time to the aftercare of our work. Social media would have you spend 80% of your time creating...but remember this is simply digital slight of hand.

Instead follow my guidance to do the opposite of what you see others do. Focus on prioritizing curation, dedicating approximately 80% of your efforts to nurturing what you've already brought into existence.

By curating our creations, we can refine them, address any flaws, and ensure they remain valuable and relevant over time.

🔥 A strong foundation of existing work is the launchpad for new ideas and projects, propelling us forward with greater confidence.

Embracing Growth through Curation

Curation of our work is not just about routine upkeep; it's a transformative process that propels us towards success. Regularly tending to our creations allows us to spot improvement opportunities, respond to audience feedback, and build meaningful connections.

In the process of curating our work, we not only refine our skills but also cultivate a devoted audience that trusts and values our contributions. As we grow alongside our creations, we discover new opportunities that exist inside the progress we've already made. This is a powerful positive cycle.

The Sustainable Workflow

For this to work, integrate the curation aspect seamlessly into your routine.

Schedule regular maintenance sessions to review, update, and engage with your existing work.

Prioritize tasks that will amplify the value and impact of your creations.

Embrace the art of saying "no" to new projects that might hinder your ability to curate what you've already made.

By fostering a balanced approach, we unlock the potential for enduring achievements while maintaining a steady stream of new ideas.

Final Thoughts

Success in today's digital-first world can be found in curating and refining what we've already achieved – not in the constant pursuit of novelty.

By inverting the 80/20 rule and focusing 80% of your time on curating your work, you create a sustainable and effective workflow that will set you up for continued growth and fulfillment.

Get off that treadmill and make something happen. The reps matter!

Looking forward to seeing what you make.

~ Patrick