Community Builders

Community building with confidence.

Strike out on the path to a better people-powered future, knowing you have the resources and support at your side.

Community is a verb.

Books, templates, and timelines are great, but community only happens when people come together.

Regardless of your product, service, or mission -- success depends on adoption. We need to get what you make into the hands of people who will make it come to life.

The last 10% of any project takes 90% of the energy." ~ Kevin Kelly

Meet Your Coach

Going The Distance at the Ironman World Championships

I coach leaders & small companies on best practices for starting, nurturing, & scaling their communities.

Endurance Nation has been my 15+ year exploration of community, helping more than 10,000 athletes achieve their fitness goals.

Start-Ups: (Series A) and Team Mercury (Pre-Seed).

Consulting: PreHype, W3ART, Thrivent Financial,, BariNation, Inclusive Diabetes Care.

I bring a systems mindset and deep empathy to my work.

You can expect 100% of my attention and energy when we collaborate. Here are areas I have focused on with other community projects:

  • Design + Launch
  • Monetization
  • Branding
  • Automation + Systems

What to Expect 👍

As your sidekick on this journey, you can rely on me to help you learn to navigate and accelerate the change you seek. We will design / scale / streamline your community together.

Intensive 💥     Ongoing 🤝
Strategy sessions (~1.5h each)
twice a month for three months.
+ access to feedback to
unblock your work.

GOOD FOR: Seizing the moment.
Taking action. Making smart bets
at a critical time.

$1.5k USD /month
$3k USD /month
    Strategy sessions (~1.5h each)
once a month for six months.
+ access to feedback to
refocus your work.

GOOD FOR: Staying aligned.
Confidence that you’re heading
in the right direction. Zooming out.

$3k USD /quarter
$6k USD /quarter

*Startup/Nonprofit discount available (<$1M funding and <$1M lifetime revenue).