Ask Better Questions

The highest agency people I know have the most well-articulated story.

Ask Better Questions

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

While everyone else in the great online game party is asking "What do you do?" or "Where do you work?" you need to break the narrative.

Not just to stand out but to lean in.

Who you are is a function of all the choices, actions, events, and people you've known to this point. Right here, right now.

The real question is, "How did you get here?"

High Agency as Signal

The highest agency people I know have the most well-articulated story.

Not in an "I've been coached" way. I mean in an authentic, self-aware manner.

They've spent time with their history. They are the Protagonist, and they own it.

In a universe that trends online, this is a massive advantage.

Authenticity is the New Expertise

We're all just an internet connection away from all the knowledge in the world. And that gap is closing.

Old Game: Knowing all the things.
New Game: Doing things with what we know.

People are looking for leaders to help them make sense of all the information. You can be that person, you can run that group, tribe, community. But the first step is knowing your own story.

I Run on Community OS

My work in community building is deeply rooted in my own journey. It's a story not just of places and roles, but of the lessons and transformations in organizing groups of people that have shaped who I am.

This is more than my internal compass, it's my elevator pitch. It's a tool for clarity, providing a lens through which I view and approach my work.

"You don't know where you're going if you can't find yourself on the map."

The Power of Knowing Your Story

Understanding your personal journey is a profound unlock. It’s more than where you’ve been; it’s how each experience has contributed to your current perspective and skills. This self-awareness offers immense clarity, both internally and professionally.

"How did you get here?" is the new 30-second elevator pitch.

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

Your story is your unique elevator pitch. It’s not a dry recount of jobs and locations, but a vibrant tale of challenges, growth, and insights. This pitch becomes a bridge, connecting your past experiences to your current ambitions.

Your Story as Your Online Identity

As we transition to moving online professionally and personally, creating our own place of belonging becomes crucial. We can belong to many places and yet remain uniquely ourselves. This era demands we understand and express our individual journeys more vividly than ever before.

Steps to Uncover and Use Your Narrative

  1. Reflect on Your Journey: Look back at key moments of change and growth.
  2. Identify Core Lessons: What have these experiences taught you? How have they shaped you?
  3. Construct Your Story: Weave these experiences and lessons into a coherent narrative.
  4. Apply Your Narrative: Use this story as your guide and pitch. Let it inform your decisions and interactions.

The Final Word

Your personal story is your most powerful professional tool. It provides clarity, direction, and a unique identity in your work. Embrace this narrative. Let it guide your professional journey, making you a distinct and compelling figure in your field.