Work With Me

If you've come this far, we're probably a good fit. If you still aren't sure, connect with me online so we can get to know one another. You can find me on Twitter @pmccrann or LinkedIn.

You can work with me via a single-session, on-demand Consultation or you can sign up for a quarterly Coaching package that includes twice-monthly calls.  

Option 1: Consultation

Each consult is a one-time event. You set the topic via email ahead of time. Once we're in Zoom, we dive right in to make the most of our sixty minutes together.

The breakdown is usually 1/3 background, 1/3 exploration, and 1/3 next steps.  

At the end of each session, I will send you follow-up notes to help you continue making independent progress with your project.

  • You aren't committed to anything beyond this call. You can book another consult or proceed on your own.
  • After payment, you will be directed to book the call on my calendar; if those options don't work we will find a time.

Choose Your Consult Option

  • First Time Discounted Consult Call @$150 [Purchase]
  • Additional Consult Call @ $200 each [Purchase]

Option 2: Coaching

Coaching stacks multiple sessions allowing us to tackle some of the deeper and more strategic issues facing you as a creator and your community.  

We will talk twice a month to keep you on track towards your goals. These calls act as a forcing function to get more done and get you back to being awesome.  

Each call will wrap with deliverables and a plan to help you bridge each session.

Coaching is only available to purchase in quarterly blocks.

Choose Coaching

  • Quarterly Coaching Block of Six (6) Calls @ $1000 [Purchase]

🚀 Choose Your Option

  • First Time Discounted Consult Call @$150 [Purchase]
  • Regular Consult Call @ $200 [Purchase]
  • Quarterly Coaching Block of 6 Calls @ $1000 [Purchase]