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Support Shepherd got me from zero to staffed – with a great match – in less than 14 days!

I don't often do affiliate deals, but this is a total no-brainer. If I don't tell you about this option, I will be harming your business and long-term trajectory.

I have worked with Virtual Assistants since 2007 to help run various companies. Over the years, I have tried more than five different providers with mixed results – just unreliable enough to realize I wasn't getting what I needed.

In my quest for a long-term solution that would unlock my productivity and impact, I discovered Support Shepherd. What made them unique was their offer of having a dedicated person on my own staff – this would be a massive upgrade!

With Support Shepherd, I finally have the perfect team addition. I can now focus on my goals and business growth, saving time, reducing stress, and boosting efficiency. Thanks to Support Shepherd, I am thriving with the new capacity and support.

Support Shepherd has you covered.

The entire process, start to finish, took me 14 days. Here are the macro steps:

  1. I was able to screen 6 candidates based on my needs.
  2. I gave four a set of tasks to complete (for a fit check).
  3. I interviewed two of them.
  4. I made the offer on Day 13 and signed the next day.

When it was all said and done, I did way more due diligence than with an "outsourced service" and had the person of my dreams on my team.

Here are some additional testimonials from the Support Shepherd site:

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