12% Manifesto

There's a fine line...

between swimming and drowning.

Not if you're the one in the water. You know you are in trouble. Panic is setting in. Adrenaline is doing all it can to give you superpowers, but you only have seconds left above the surface.

From the shoreline, however, the average beachgoer thinks nothing of it. The swimmer is just one of the hundreds of people in the water, bobbing about on this seemingly bright and sunny day. Pass the cooler, please.

Only the trained eye of a lifeguard can discern that something is terribly wrong. Scanning the water from an elevated position, the lifeguard has been trained just for this situation. Now it's a race – how fast can the lifeguard respond before it's too late?

As a productive member...

of the 21st century, you are on the verge of drowning every...single...day.

You are connected and accessible 24/7, leading to blurred lines between work and personal life.

You live and work in a constant state of information overload, bombarded with emails, notifications, and messages.

Employees, leaders, parents – every role is expected to be available and responsive at all times.

The overwhelming majority experience stress, burnout, and decreased productivity. Many people sacrifice their free time, sleep, and well-being under the pressure to be constantly available.

The resulting negative impact on overall health and happiness is devastating.

We are building the 12 Percent Project...

to train and empower you to take control of your time.  To help you begin aligning your inputs with your goals. To regain a sense of mastery.

12% of your time...

is 250 working hours a year...

divide by a total of 50 weeks...

and five days a week...

is one hour a day.

One hour.

That's it. It's all you need to turn your ship around. To stay afloat. You need to master one single hour.

Think of it as a Workout...

for work. This isn't some kind of miracle app for your phone.

This isn't a secret gleaned from studying the ancients or from interviewing billionaires.

If you have ever done a workout, taken a spin class, or had a coach...you are primed and ready to use the 12 Percent approach.

The origins of the 12 Percent Project lie in Patrick's 20+ years of endurance training.  Some solutions to the ills of modern life involve "daily sprints" or "digital minimalism."  

The 12 Percent Program focus instead on pushing you for one solid hour a day. A high-quality block, divided up and ready to go.

Master the most important hour of your day.

Make progress, and the other distractions won't affect your trajectory.

Learn to focus, and your hour will be a fierce display of flow.

Get set up, get your playlist, and let's crush this.  

Consider this your invitation.

~ Patrick

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